About Rich LeBlanc

About Rich LeBlanc-Photographer

I never thought I’d find my passion at fourteen, when my father handed me my first 35mm camera. Ever since then we were attached, you never saw one without the other. It has been my on-going pleasure to be able to capture the perfect moment within any sport, of any, and every player. It’s hard to believe that something that I began for fun has actually became noticed by “insidehockey.com”. I’ve captured moments from school functions, sporting events, to landscapes, stills, and special events. I’ve worked exceptionally hard to allow myself to give each athlete I capture the ability to see what we, the fans see. It’s an amazing feeling capturing the athletes moment of glory which is something that they can look at for the rest of their lives, as a remembrance of their highlights within the their hockey career. The thing that I admire most about my photography is being able to capture photos within a fast paced environment that beholds the same amount of amazing quality has my still images. It truly is an honor to have the privilege of shooting youth, professional and amateur sports. I was able to capture their special moments, and I hope I can capture many more. I thank my clients for letting me create moments that will last a life time. Thank you for your time, and viewing what I love to do. I hope I can become not only your photographer, but your friend as well.

About Me

I’m a family man, I love spending time with my amazing wife, my children, and of course my grandson.

Not only do I have a love for attending as many hockey games as I can, but I also played hockey as a youth.

I’ve always lived in New England. Originally from the outskirts of Boston and I now reside in northern Connecticut.

I’m truly blessed to have the opportunities I have encountered. Being able to travel with my wife, and watch my children and grandson grow, while being able to photograph their important moments, makes my life worth-while.

Why Choose Me

Excellent Customer service.

Paying attention to details will always be my on-going job.

I will always produce your images and capture your moments with the best technology at hand.

As fun as it is for me to take your pictures, it’ll be just as fun for you.

Feedback, comments, and recommendations are always welcomed.


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